Lineman Apprentice Starter Kit

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Congratulations on choosing an extraordinary career path! There have been many changes in the line industry over the last 50 years, and Lineman's Testing Laboratories has been there for them all. The most notable change in the industry has been in the promotion of electrical safety and the protection of the electrical worker. That's where we come in -- we're here to help you do your job safely. LTL Utility Supply stocks a large inventory of rubber goods, insulating equipment and utility tools, carrying only quality equipment from industry-recognized manufacturers. LTL Product Specialists include experienced linemen who have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through selection, sizing and proper care of all required utility tools and related equipment. Our Product Specialists remain current with legislation and industry best practices. Visit our fully stocked store for equipment that's pre-tested and ready to go.
What You Need
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Part #: 80710
Size: 27/48
All natural leather for comfort and support ;
Large positioning D-rings for easy clip-on action;
Part #: 84540
Bolt bag with a convenient compartment for glasses.
Part #: 111HLSX
Black leather, made with 2 plies for longer wear. The knife snap and attachment kit are included.
Part #: 11DC
Tough waterproof polyester material with nylon web handles, leatherette bottom and flap to cover opening when exposed to weather.
Part #: THH88
Nylon handline carrier fits over the tongue-buckle section of the belt. Designed to straighten and drop the rope if the handline becomes snagged.
Part #: 803-32
High-carbon steel head is forged and hardened, with smoothly rounded peen. Straight-grain hickory handle is stained and lacquered.
Part #: 81280
2m metric rule
Part #: D507-12
Capacity 1-1/2", plain handle finish, length 12-1/4", and weight 1.32 lbs.
Part #: D507-10
Capacity 1-5/16", plain handle finish, length 10-1/4", and weight .86 lbs.
Part #: 600-8
3/8" Keystone-Tip Screwdriver - 8" Heavy-Duty Square Shank. Length 13-7/16", weight .65 lbs.
Part #: 7090
An ergonomic handled knife that features a 9-7/8" length with an accessory ring.
Part #: D502-12
Secure tongue and groove design for non-slip grip-even with heavy pressure. Yellow, plastic-dipped, maximum jaw capacity 2-3/8", length 12-1/4", and weight 1.37 lbs.
Part #:
Heavy duty cutting. Royal blue, plastic-dipped.
Jaw length 1-19/32"
Jaw thickness 5/8"
Jaw width 1-1/4"
Knife length 25/32"
Nose type New England
Overall length 9-3/8"
Weight 1.09 lbs.
Part #: CN1972AR
8" x 8" (203 x 203 mm) cushioned, high-grade leather climber pads for maximum comfort.
Neoprene-impregnated nylon climber straps for long-lasting life.
Secure sleeve and leg iron connection. Two slotted hex-head bolts with lock washers and barrel-type nuts join the steel sleeve and leg iron together.
Steel split ring secures ankle strap in place and allows for quick replacement.
4-7/16" (113 mm) wide stirrup provides greater foot support.
Adjustable climber length steel sleeve moves in 1/4" (6 mm) increments for the most comfortable fit.
Contoured leg irons help position gaffs securely and comfortably.
Part #: 1972G
Coil-spring, plastic coated guard quickly snaps onto pole climbers.
Part #: LTL423/6IMFRL-SIZE
High grade leather
Mustard yellow colour-fast
Reinforced leather palm
Yellow kevlar stitching

FR-lined, water-repellent winter style
3" Cuff LTL423MFRL-S to XL
6" Cuff LTL426MFRL-S to 2XL
3" Cuff LTL423IMFRL-S to XL

Unlined, water-repellent summer style
3" Cuff LTL423M-S to 2XL
6" Cuff LTL426M-S to 2XL (outseam)
3" Cuff LTL423IM-S to XL
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