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CPI Tap Connector
Product Code #: CPI Tap Connector
Product Information
Part #: 477434

336.4 ACSR 26/7, 477, 556 AAC 37 str
DIA. RANGE 720" - .858"

CPI ALUMINUM TAP CONNECTORS consist of a spring ā€œCā€-body and wedge combined with a shear-head bolt. Offering a high performance permanent connection that is low resistance, durable and easy to install. The spring body of the connector will flex and maintain a constant force as thermal cycling causes conductors to expand and contract.

- Utilizes the industry-proven Wedge connecting principle and is quick and easy to apply with a common socket or impact wrench. NO SPECIAL TOOLS
- The spring-like qualities of the C-body ensure permanent connection and maintains consistent pressure on the conductors
- Installation time is quicker than conventional crimp-type or molded joints.
- Easily adaptable to standard hot-stick tools
- High-conductivity grit type corrosion inhibitor is factory applied for ease of installation and longevity while the connector is in service
- Meets or exceeds the current carrying capacity of the conductors being connected
- Easy to remove and re-use without damaging the conductor
- Recommended for use in critical high load areas and on overloaded circuits, as well as everyday applications
- Remains permanently locked through fault current or power surges
- May be used in non-corrosive environments to connect copper conductors

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