Multi-Range Voltage Detectors

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Multi-Range Voltage Detectors
Product Code #: Multi-Range Voltage Detectors

Product Information
Manufacturer: Hubbell Power Systems
Part No: T4033228

- Powered by the unit’s internal battery (included), a long-life bulb gives a glow to the meter face so the scale is easy to read in most conditions.
-To conserve the battery, a special switch locks the light off when not in use
-Its spring-loaded toggle must be pulled up to move it over the stop between its on and off positions. This helps keep the switch from being flipped on accidentally while the unit is not in use
-To confirm that a line is de-energized prior to performing maintenance on it, the detector presents field practicality
-Calibrated to read approximate line-to-line voltage when connected to any phase conductor
-Responds to the magnitude of the field gradient between its end probe and floating electrode (at the universal hotstick-attachment fitting).
-Gives metered readout capable of distinguishing actual line voltage from static or feedover from an adjacent line.
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