J2 Cable Lasher c/w Chest

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J2 Cable Lasher c/w Chest
Product Code #: J2 Cable Lasher c/w Chest

Product Information
Manufacturuer: General Machine Products
Product No. 86070

-For lashing single or multiple cables on either new strand or to an existing strand/cable bundle
-The J2 Cable Lasher can accommodate a bundle capacity of 3" on strand sizes ranging from 1/4" to 7/16"
-Consists of a rotating drum supported on a carriage that provides the mounting for a driving mechanism, cable lifters, cable and strand rollers
-Each of two recessed magazines will hold a 1200 ft. coil of 0.045 in. (365 m of 1.1 wire) lashing wire (or 450 ft. of 0.065 in.)
-The lashing wire is fully recessed and covered by a gate
-Positive internal gear to gear mechanism has no chains or belts to stretch, slip or break
-Constructed with heat-treated, plated steel, stainless steel, brass and aluminum components
-The lasher is furnished with a rugged lightweight storage chest with corrosion resistant hardware, recessed latches, and a moisture-proof, tongue-in-groove for maximum protection when not in use
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