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Columbus McKinnon LMG4601 Wire Grip
Product Code #: Columbus McKinnon LMG4601 Wire Grip
Columbus McKinnon
Product Information
Part #: 04460W

When working with wire in utility applications, safety is of the utmost
importance. Economical wire grips from are designed to keep workers safe, while allowing them to efficiently get the job done.

Easy-to-use wire grips can be used with a variety of wire sizes
and types, so fewer grip changes are required. they also have large handle
eye openings for easy opening, attaching and releasing to prevent lock ups.
Made of forged steel, grips are both durable and lightweight, making them ideal for a variety of utility jobs.

5-ton Wire Grip
Spring-Loaded Gate, Notched Handle
Weight (lbs.): 7
Jaw Type: Parallel
Teeth Type: Fine

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